Not everyone is in love with A-Rod like NY…some folks like Kenny Lofton don’t even think he should be in the Hall of Fame. Here’s one though that might disagree.

Jim Leyritz, 1996 NY Yankees World Series hero thinks that A-Rod should play til he’s done. I mean, if he can, why not?

Instead of being able to play 3rd base as he wanted, in his 2784th game, A-Rod was made a Designated Hitter and played Short Stop briefly in his final game against Tampa Bay Rays as a NY Yankee yesterday. Some wonder if it was his manager’s idea or the “powers that be” trying to hold him back. I guess it’s all a matter of whether or not Alex is good leaving the game with 696 home runs instead of 700.

Alex leaves ranked at #1 in MLB with 25 grand slams.

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