Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident Sunday morning. The Baseball world is in shock and saddened, wishing that it was all a nightmare. Fernandez and two friends were on a speed boat, when they crashed into rocks. The Florida Wildlife Commission confirmed that Fernandez died because of the impact of the crash, he did not drown. Fernandez, whom was not only not afraid of water, he was familiar with it as he came to the US from Cuba by sea.

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Before he finally got to the US he tried three other times and got caught by officials,and because of this he experienced jail at a young age. Fernandez on his way to the US had to save his mother from drowning. It seems as though Fernandez had a love for the ocean, no matter what tribulations he faced their, his main hobby was going fishing on a boat much like the one he was on when he passed away.

Fernandez was 24 years old, and one of the best right handed pitchers in the game. He was drafted 11th overall by the Marlin in 2011, and was also the NL Rookie Of The Year in 2013. Fernandez came to the US to win and he surly did, his record in the MLB is 38-17 and a 2.58 ERA. As you can see that Fernandez was a very talented guy.

Fernandez was very family oriented, he loved his mom and grandmother to death, he called his grandmother the ‘love of his life’, and was reunited with is her in 2013 after not seeing her for 6 years. Fernandez came to the US for the American dream, and he is truly an example that if you really want something you can get it. His amazing story came to an end too quick!!!!


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