Details and information has been released about the final hours of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher.  Reports about an alleged mistress and also a riff between the two became apparent as police were called.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Belcher was allegedly having an affair with a woman named Brittani Glass.  He and Glass went out for dinner and drinks the night before the murder-suicide occurred.  He returned to his home with Kasandra Perkins and after an argument between the two he drove back over to Glass.  It’s uncertain what happened between them but Belcher ended up sleeping in his car in Glass’ apartment complex which prompted a neighbor to call the police.  Check the video, the sound starts at 4:57 mark.

The Kansas City Star transcribed one exchange like this:

Officer: Call your girl and head back upstairs for awhile.
Belcher: Yeah.
Officer: I say we try to stay up there for the night, sound cool?
Belcher: Man, y’all don’t understand. I have to deal with my other girl, man.
Officer: I understand how that’s working, but you’re passing out in the car… (inaudible)
Belcher: I wasn’t driving.
Officer: I understand you weren’t driving, but you are in the car and the car is running.