NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has made it no secret that he intends to do away with the Pro Bowl in the future.  The ratings aren’t usually very high and no one really plays hard for fear of injury.  The game will go on this year as scheduled but it could be replaced with something interesting in the future.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

According to’s Albert Breer, one possibility would be replacing the game with a college all-star game.  Breer writes that the AFC and NFC’s all-star team could be recognized at the NFL Honors award show on the Saturday before the Super Bowl, with the college players hitting the field after.

“That game would likely be an existing college event, most likely the Senior Bowl, which would be moved to be part of the NFL calendar, with the thought that it could kick off draft season and highlight prospects on a bigger stage, though the league would certainly be careful about NCAA rules entanglements,” Breer writes.

Players may not love the idea because they make money for the Pro Bowl, although their contract incentives for making the team would still make sense as long as an all-star team was announced.

I think  it’s a good idea to have a Senior Bowl.  Although it’s great to see the best players in the NFL play in one game, the truth of the matter is the quality of the game is extremely low and it’s not really anyone’s fault its just the circumstances.  It would be way more interesting to see college players gather on the field to play their heart out for more than just fun, their future’s are on the line.