Angry Birds, Instagram and Facebook are this years most downloaded, and mobile phone phone users are spending some 2 hours a day on all of their apps combined. That makes it an  increase of 35 percent over the last year, this is all according to  analytics firm Flurry.  This number is sure to grow as better and more mobile devices are available to the public. With everything being a finger tip away you can see why we spend so much time on apps wither its playing a casual games, watching videos on Youtube, Twitting and surfing the web some people may out do that 2 hour average easily.

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 “2012 was a transformative tipping point in the way consumers use apps,” said Craig Palli, a vice president at mobile marketing company Fiksu, adding that the biggest shift is in consumers’ eagerness to turn to apps for a broad range of day-to-day tasks.