This can’t be life, a teenage boy steals a girls iPhone in Brooklyn. The girl then calls the police to let them know her iPhone was swiped from her in the park. Fast forward to the stolen iPhone the new illegal owner of the iPhone wanted to cash in on his new prize. He tries selling the iPhone to a guy he meets on the street, now the guy checks out the iPhone and then does his best Usain Bolt act and leaves with the iPhone. The kid then calls the police the double stolen iPhone. Who does this, you chalk up your lose and keep it moving who tries to get justice for a stolen product.

After some detective  work the police recover the phone but the original owner of the phone calls to the polices surprise. The police are shocked, so they ask ask both alleged owners to meet up with them. They both show up but the challenge now is to prove who is the actual owner. Since the iPhone had a lock on it the police both tell both allege owners to open the smartphone guess who unlocked the phone and who didn’t. The one thing the girl remembered about her thief was that he wore pink sneakers (which she told police before he showed up) which he wore when he showed up. This really cant be life.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA