I realize most of our readers can probably care less about what goes on with Monster Trucks, but this video was too good to pass up. You ever had an enemy or rival at your job? Someone you wish you could finish off and get rid of, or at the very least embarrass? If you said yes, then this video is for you. The “Grave Digger” monster truck is an icon in the sport. It has been around literally for decades. The driver of that truck has had a new rival come through the ranks recently. “Maximum Destruction” is the name of the rival truck and according to reports it is not just a rivalry. The drivers of these 2 trucks genuinely do not like each other. With that said, in this video Grave Digger goes for the kill. Maximum Destruction had just crashed while doing it’s run and was left laying on its side. Just so happens the next truck on the course is the Grave Digger and he waste no time to try and destroy his rivals truck. Watch the video after the jump.