Hadiya Pendleton

Justice is hopefully on its way to being served in the tragic death of 15-year-old Chicago student Hadiya Pendleton. The young girl had such a promising future ahead of her, having just danced at President Obama’s Inauguration ceremony, but her life was cut short when she was shot and killed at a local park after school 2 weeks ago. Thankfully, police have arrested two men in association with the murder. Details below.

Marisa Mendez

18-year-old Michael Ward and 20-year-old Kenneth Williams both have been arrested, facing charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm. Michael has already confessed. The guys were arrested just hours after Hadiya’s funeral on Saturday, while they were apparently en route to a strip club. SMH.

The motive apparently was that Kenneth had been shot back in July, and believed the group Hadiya was hanging around were the ones responsible for it.

“I’m ecstatic that they found the two guys,” Hadiya’s father Nathaniel Pendleton told the Chicago Tribune. “(I’m) thanking God that these two guys are off the streets, so that this doesn’t happen to another innocent person.”

I’m so happy that SOME good has come from this tragedy!

Source: GG