Kimbella & Juelz in Miami

Ladies and gents, I can’t stress to you enough that you must thoroughly check your photos before posting them online! (Before I realized Instagram was a social network and not just a photo-filtering app, I accidentally posted a crazy photo there if ya know what I mean, LOL! Learned the hard way there!) Kimbella is enjoying some fun in the sun in her hometown of Miami alongside her longtime boyfriend Juelz Santana, but she had a bit of a mishap while the pair were on a boat in the water. She posted a cute photo of them while she was wearing a sexy one-piece, but the bottom dipped down too far and you could see EVERYTHING…and it wasn’t pretty! We all have our days and all, but yikes! Thankfully, she quickly realized her mistake and took the photo down, then re-posted a cropped version. However, the original still made it to the web! Check it out in the gallery. It’s cool, though…she’s “still pretty”!

Marisa Mendez