So, I’m walking my dog and BOOM, what do I see ??? A LEG sticking outside of a duffle bag. That’s what a witness said this morning when she called the police. A 52-year-old woman’s head, hands, torso, legs and shoulder were found on Eagle Avenue near 158th Street. Whom ever butchered “the good person and good mom,” according to a family friend, dropped the body parts in the mist of more trash around 5am this morning. Another witness saw the vehicle flee the scene in a silver SUV (CAUGHT!).
The police sent the remains to the corner’s office for an autopsy. I hope they catch whom ever did this. They treated this woman like trash in more ways than one. Drop down bottom and check out the photos of the crime scene.

UPDATE: There is a 23-year-old in custody, and it’s the victim’s son! He’d called 911 to report her missing, and reportedly told police his mother left home on Sunday or Monday with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, supposedly to go to work. Police said he told them he had not seen or heard from her since then. We will keep you updated!

JaaiR (JR)

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