It has not even been a week since Floyd Mayweather Jr. completely dominated Robert Guerrero in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean it is time to relax. Floyd already has his next fight scheduled for September 14th at the MGM Grand once again. All he needs is an opponent, and from the sound of things, it is beginning to seem more and more like it will be Canelo Alvarez. Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, who promotes Alvarez, and works with Floyd on a fight by fight basis said he is working very hard to make the fight a reality. See what he said after the jump.


“I am working on the fight,” Schaefer said. “I’m crunching the numbers. You should see my calculator — it’s red-hot. I am working on a lot of fights, but this is my No. 1 priority.” That is a quote Schaefer gave to ESPN.com. At this point having Alvarez as Floyd’s opponent could arguably be the biggest draw compared to any other fighter, even Pacquiao. The main reason is because Alvarez has made a huge name for himself while dominating his competition. Also, September 14th would be the weekend of the Mexican Independence day, which usually sees a star Mexican fighter have a fight around that time. Floyd has already fought 2 Mexicans, Victor Ortiz & Juan Marquez around the same weekend in the past.
One of the key stumbling blocks to making a Mayweather-Alvarez fight, however, will be settling on the weight. Mayweather is the welterweight champion — 147 pounds — who has twice won junior middleweight belts but never has weighed more than 151 pounds for either of those 154-pound maximum fights. Alvarez is a big junior middleweight and has said he was not interested in negotiating a catchweight that would require him to fight at a weight lower than 154. Speaking of negotiating, I am sure some heavy talking is already going on about how the money would be for a super fight like this.