Remee Jo Lee

A Florida man could possibly face life in federal prison for tricking his girlfriend….. but how exactly did he trick her? Hit the jump to hear what this man did that could leave him locked up in the joint forever!

John Andrew Welden, 28, has been in a relationship with his 26-year-old girlfriend Remee Jo Lee for quite some time. Remee was six weeks pregnant with their first child together when Welden came home with an antibiotic prescribed by his father, who is a Florida fertility doctor. The pill was meant to “treat a bacterial infection,” but that ended up not to be the case. After Lee took the pill, she started bleeding heavily within hours and went to the hospital. According to her lawyers, the doctors then told her she had a miscarriage and that she was given a pill to terminate her pregnancy. The label on the bottle reportedly said it contained a common antibiotic, but after further investigation, the medicine contained a drug that is often used to induce abortions. BUSTED!

Her boyfriend is currently being incarcerated in county jail. He is looking at a civil lawsuit and a murder rap, which could result in a life sentence. Many debates are being triggered from this case regarding abortion laws and a woman’s right to choose. However, if she didn’t know what type of pill she was taking, how could that have been her “choice” to abort the baby? We will be updating this story when more details are released. Check out the video below!