Ah, the constant baby mama drama that never seems to end in the Hip-Hop community. Either these rappers need to start paying up, or they need to be more cautious of the females they’re impregnating!!! Akon is the latest rapper caught up in a child support battle with his baby mama.. of child #7 and #8. (DAMN!, how many baby mamas does this dude have?!) Hit the jump to hear exactly how much more money per month his baby mama is asking for now!

Akon’s baby mama recently took him to court because she wanted to receive more child support money per month. Since on paper Akon makes approximately $40,708 every month, the judge ordered him to pay his BM $5 G’s PER MONTH for the two kids he has with her! DAYUM!!!!! Don’t forget he has VARIOUS other baby mamas, as well. Looks like Akon is going to have to stop getting it in and hit the studio to make some more songs to be able to pay all his damn child support before he has to sing “I’m Locked Up” forreal!

Moral of the story: STRAP UP OR PAY UP.

‘Tis all.