This man just won’t stop, can’t stop…I mean as he fills us in on the news of this new deal, he’s walking through NYC – without stopping! ReVolt TV is the up-coming cable network ran by this bad boy, and he let’s us know via a YouTube announcement that he’s locked in an agreement with Time Warner Cable (TWC). In the fall ReVolt television will be available to all of you TWC subscribers.

“This is a landmark distribution deal that demonstrates Time Warner Cable’s commitment to bringing a platform for music artists and fans to their subscribers,” stated Revolt TV Founder and Chairman Sean Combs. “It positions Revolt to come out of the gate strong, and we look forward to igniting the passion of initial audiences across the U.S.”

Congratulations! Hit the jump and check out this entrepreneur on the go!

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget to hit up the gallery! Sean claims NY is his city!