Is this because of the cheating scandal OR because his eyes have been opened OR maybe he’s learning from Kanye?!  Well whatever the reason (because it could be a number of things) Lamar Odom has reportedly made a decision about the Kardashian family.
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Lamar Odom has told momager, Kris Jenner, that he doesn’t want to appear on ANY of the Kardashian reality TV shows.
“Lamar gets teased all of the time by his basketball buddies for appearing on the Kardashian reality shows. It’s a waste of his time, and does nothing to help his brand,” a family insider told Radar.

“If anything, it just exposes him to ridicule and scorn. Look at the scandal his charity was exposed to. It’s unlikely that the charity would have made news had it not been for Lamar being married to a Kardashian.”


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