A case that was filed January of this year, is accusing the East Haven police of pointing a gun and then making a pregnant woman walk, after a purse snatching investigation. Read more after jump

Adriela Batista

Domonique Cash underwent a traffic stop on Sergeant Drive in New Haven, when she was surrounded by East Haven Police. New Haven police confirmed that were aware of the East Haven police in their area yet where unaware of the traffic stop that was conducted on Sergeant Drive January, 17th. One police officer approaches the car armed, then after the questioning was over and they realized that she is not the culprit in the purse snatching incident she was let go, although her car had been towed during the process. She was pregnant at the time, miles away from home and asked the officers for a ride to which they denied. The case occurred when a woman, the mother of a police officer had reported that her purse had been stolen from the grocery store parking lot earlier that day. The East Haven police officers are being accused of acting in an unconstitutional manner. After Cash had tried to retrieve her car from the Tow, she was told that there was a hold put on it, making it so that she as unable to get it. It is suspected that one of the officers had placed the hold on the car as well, immorally. check out the video of the traffic stop, do you think these cops were wrong?

**Video of Traffic stop in Gallery**
Via NHRegister