A 21 year old woman, delivered her baby in the most unexpected place ever. Luckily they promote “freshness”. You’ll never guess! Read more after the jump to find out!!

Adriela Batista

Im sure it came to a shocker to customers when they walked into their local Subway and saw that instead of their favorite sandwiches being prepared, a baby was being delivered. A 21 year old pregnant woman bursted into the Subway restaurant in Reno, Nevada, screaming that she was in labor. Im sure the employees did not expect their morning to begin like this! Assistant Manager Flora Vargas jumped into action and began placing the sandwich paper and trash bags used within the restaurant, on the floor for sanitation during the delivery. Vargas stated that the woman had her baby soon after entering the restaurant and thankfully appeared to be healthy along with her new son. Paramedics arrived immediately on scene and further assisted.

Subway not only “eats fresh” they deliver fresh, shout out to them.