The New York Public Library is currently having a huge three day sale, but there aren’t any books! Trust me Music Lovers & Bargain Hunters, you’ll want to know more after seeing the low price these 22,000 gems are going for! Hit the jump for more details

Adriela Batista

The New York Public Library have packed their bags and have taken their talents to New York City’s Lincoln Center for a huge three day sale! What are they selling?? Well they are probably holding one of the biggest sales in Vinyl Record History the city has ever seen. I may or may not be exaggerating, so you be the judge!

The NY Public Library has been donated a variety of 22,000 Vinyl Records and in return they are selling them for the low price of…. $1!! The three day sale ending on Aug. 10th, started on Thursday at the New York Public Library For the Performing Arts and is already heating up. One customer by the name of Eli Zimmerman confessed that he had bought 30-40 records on Thursday and would be feeding his record addiction by continuing to search for more during the remaining days of the sale.

Most of the records are classical recordings, yet there are varieties of jazz collections, show tunes as well as other genres. All of the vinyl records are going for just a buck , even their boxed sets.

“Curator Jonathan Hiam says proceeds from the sale will go toward preserving the library’s collection as well as new acquisitions.”

This should give you more than enough reason to head out there, if you’re in the area and check out this classic sale! The sale starts at 10 a.m and goes through 5:45 p.m.