This woman needs to go somewhere.  Just stop talking. I can’t stand these thirsty chicks!!!  She wants to be someone so bad.  SMH.  Earlier today some pictures from her sex tape were leaked and now she’s chimed in on Lamar’s cheating scandal with Khloe. She’s making a claim that he hit on her (while married to Khloe Kardashian).  Does she not have any friends that can advise her that this isn’t the way to go?!
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Via HL:

Kris Humphries’ on-again/off-again girlfriend has more ties to the Kardashian family than we think. Not only has she dated Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, but she tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively that Lamar hit on her in 2011 and she’s not surprised by the recent cheating reports.

Myla, who has dated Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kris Humphries, was very vocal with HollywoodLife.com about Lamar’s alleged wandering eye.

Myla tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively:

[Lamar] hit on me once while he was married to Khloe. It was before I started dating Kris Humphries. We were at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club in NYC and his agent handed me a black business card with a phone number on it. I never responded, but I’m not surprised to hear about the recent cheating reports.

Myla claims that this “come-on” occurred in February 2011, before she met Kris. To be accurate, Kris was dating Kim at the time. However, Myla’s allegation is just one of many that pin Lamar as a cheater.