Every since Miley Cyrus touched down with hip-hop artists, rocked the fronts, and twerked her a** in a onsie, she’s gotten much scold. After the 2013 VMAs, Cyrus has had ENOUGH! She’s dropping, “FACTS” on all of her haters. Hit the jump to see what Miley has to say.
Just let the girl, “twerk” people!

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget what she said is in the gallery! You do need to eat a meal or two an HOUR though, Miley!

Some people call this a jab at Beyonce, but of course that’s nonsense. Miley Cyrus says even though most had something to say about her performance at the VMAs she ranked in more tweeters than Destiny Child’s Superbowl/Blackout performance. LOL!
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