This guy must have lost his marbles, because clearly he’s not all there. A man driving a lime green taxi rams his ex-girlfriend’s Honda Pilot SUV over a “concrete barrier,” according to the New York Daily News. The taxi driver then proceeded to exit his vehicle, walk over the victims vehicle – where she was pinned in – and then stabs her continuously – to death. So sad! Hit the jump for more details on this horrific story.

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget to hit up the gallery! Photos of the scene are sad to see!

The attacker who had previously dated the victim had mentioned to his co-workers at the Kiss Car Service in the Bronx that his ex is the reason for an arrest – due to a suspended license. That’s a reason to kill someone?! Soon after the attack at the entrance of the New England Thruway from the Pelham Parkway occurred.
There was another guy in the car with the victim, and thankfully he’s okay.
The attacker on the other hand had the nerve to stay on the scene of the crime after all that was done. SICKO!

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