In this short clip, Ab-Soul expresses through the Life & Times Made In America Documentary how struggle builds character, and his mentality when it comes to the journeys and hardships in his life, Hit the jump to see the clip!

Adriela Batista

Although a short clip, this video defines the artist and person that is Black Hippy’s own, Ab-Soul. Ab-Soul opens the clip by stating that he is crafting some thing but he isn’t “sure how he wants to present it to the people yet. But pressure busts pipes or makes diamonds.”

The spiritual lyricist later goes on to expressing his aspect on how he lives life, which seems to include rolling with the punches and overcoming obstacles at all costs; as he states:

“You know honestly, the best stories are the people who overcome the most conflicts. So I mean, in a crazy kind of way, you kind of want to roll with the punches a bit.”

**Check out the video below!**

Via HipHopDX