According to insiders & top execs, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” may be coming to an end in wake of the Lamar Odom scandal.  When I first read the title, I thought they were blaming Lamar — but it’s more like they’re afraid that Lamar could expose them.
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Via RadarOnline:

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly six years since Keeping Up With the Kardashians launched Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and the rest of their family into the stratosphere of fame.

But after years of countless endorsements, magazine covers and red carpet appearances, it seems that the world is finally reaching the end of an era: With Kardashian products tanking, ratings down and Lamar Odom threatening to derail the entire family with his serial philandering and drug use, industry insiders increasingly agree that they simply cannot hold on much longer.”

When the show’s contract is up in 2015, it could be the end of the Kardashians as we know it!

With contract negotiations approaching, “maintaining their brand image is paramount [right now],” branding and marketing expert Liz Goodgold tells RadarOnline.com.

And Lamar’s off-camera antics definitely don’t fit with the family’s on-screen narrative. As such, Goodgold says, they’ve tried to go into lockdown to minimize the damage. “The family quickly closes ranks and silences negative information,” she explains. If Lamar were to break that omertà by exposing their secrets, Goodgold says, the show would likely not be renewed, because the “scope and scale of how they manipulate the media [would truly be] unveiled.”

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