I’m sure these parents are regretting trying to make a family photo more interesting by swinging their children for more candid facial expressions. Well.. they got just what they wanted with their photography visions as they got a candid, spontaneous and almost harmful shot! Hit the jump to see the picture of the hilarious family photo!

Adriela Batista

HuffPost reports:

“Mom and dad wanted something candid to complement shots they’d already posed for — and hoped to raise their kids’ spirits by swinging them through the air. Only mom wound up just a little too hard and baby did a back flip. Dad explained the whole story on Reddit. Luckily, he said, the boy landed on his back, in the soft sand, and wasn’t hurt”

I say next time they do the still, shoulder to shoulder, basic family portrait, it’ll avoid any possible injuries for next year!

**Check out the gallery below**