Danny Brown is an eccentric individual, and during his stint in the rap game, he’s been known to not hold much – ANYTHING – back! While speaking with Rolling Stone, the, “Dip” rapper opens up about his comments on Big Sean, and what he thinks about the rappers who’ve supported this ‘Miley Cyrus trend.’ Hit the jump to get Brown’s thoughts.

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A few months back, Danny mentioned how Big Sean was, “spoiled” and “sheltered” because of how he was raised. He just wondering, how does Big Sean link everything he’s doing with his rap to DETROIT. “Just being from a place doesn’t dictate, doesn’t mean anything,” says the guy who got head on stage – still tripping about that. “Somebody like him hasn’t been in Detroit forever, in years. He repping it like it’s a cool place to be,” he adds.
There lies his same problem with the, “white girl” twerker. Not only did she credit Philly as a place that’s contributed to her new self, but Miley blames Detroit as well. “Detroit’s where I felt like I really grew up,” says Miley. “It was only for a summer, but that’s where I started going to clubs, where I got my first tattoo…without my mom’s consent. I got it on 8 Mile.” This doesn’t sit well with Dan, and all of the other rappers showing support for actions…”She ain’t live no Detroit experience. Ain’t no nigga worried about their own music worried about [Miley]. It’s like the little White girl in the hood that might get you a plug on some pills or some shit,” Danny contests. None of the dudes are sincere.
I don’t know Dan, I’m thinking that Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and a few others actually DO like the madness. What can you say though? Even if where you’re from doesn’t have a squeaky clean record, you still want to be a part of the group that’s put it on the map. You’ve made it out…