In this latest issue of “Who Got Ya”, we are checking out 100 of your favorite hip hop mug shots, and contrary to what you may believe they aren’t half bad! Hit the jump to view some of your favorite’s photogenic mug shots!

Adriela Batista

#1. Personally I believe this is one of the best, clean cut and above all glamorous mug shots in the group, who else could deliver such a master piece then the artist formally known as Prince himself! Prince was arrested for disorderly conduct in 1980, after pulling a prank on an airplane, involving his band mate Doctor Fink grabbing and taking full control of the plane’s mega phone.

#2. The Photogenic God Tyler The Creator, obviously has to provide us with an amazing visual after being arrested for Vandalism in 2011 for fooling around with a venue’s electronic soundboard for the post-party after his concert at the Roxy theatre. He was released on 20,000 bail.

#3 O.G. Coolio takes the crown for best hair during a mugshot, as he non chalantly is able to keep his amazing hair in style while chaos surrounds him. Coolio was arrested after two bench warrants were issued for multiple outstanding traffic violations last March and was placed in the Clark County Detention Center at a bail of $5,850.

#4 “Most Stunned” during a mug shot goes to El Debarge for his classic picture, after being apprehended for drug possession with intent to sell.. tisk tisk mr. Debarge… The singer was arrested last March by undercover narcotics officers who recovered drugs from his vehicle in California.

#5 “Too Innocent Looking For Jail” title goes to Bruno Mars, who looks like he is posing for a school picture, joyous and smiling after being arrested for the suspicion of possession of a controlled substance. The singer was found with 2.6 grams of cocaine to which he admitted of possessing but claims was his first encounter with drugs.

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