A Fraternity at the University of Michigan is being heavily scrutinized after posting an invitation on Facebook for their ” Hood Ratchet Thursday Party”, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

Theta Xi decided that this year’s Halloween themed party would be “World Star” inspired as they posted an invitation on Facebook for their bash titled: “World Star Presents: Hood Ratchet Thursday Party” but that is only the beginning to what the frat states is a hip hop influenced theme. Those invited include: “rappers, twerkers, gangsters (no Bloods allowed), thugs, basketball players, bad bitches, ratchet pussy.” The ultimate prize of the night comes of course after a twerking contest, as well.

The invitation raised Red Flags after students became enraged and brought it to the attention to the school’s administration. Invitation Poster and U of M student Allen Wu stated in his defense:

“I wish that we lived in an age where we as people could collectively celebrate the music that we consume without aggravating racial sensitivities. It pains me to see that “hip-hop parties” are immediately cast under a racial lens, even if not so intended. Just because we celebrate and enjoy the music and terminology used by predominantly Black hip-hop artists, that does not mean we are attempting to appropriate Black culture. We take it for what it is, and that’s hip hop as music, and thus, hip-hip culture. If current hip hop is dominated by terminology like “twerking,” “ratchet,” and “swag,” then that’s what its audience absorbs as hip hop: it doesn’t have to be Black. But if people perceive it as so, then I agree that it’s completely inappropriate”

Those in opposition expressed their ill feelings for the fraternities halloween themed party by stating:

“I love U of M and even today I’m fundamentally happy, but it’s scary to think that I sit in class with people who think this way and people that agree with them, people who legitimately thought this party was a good idea and was okay,” Gaines told the paper. “The invitation amplified stereotypes and used a level of disgusting language that it was evident they actively tried to offend us,” said Black Student Union secretary Geralyn Gaines.

Sorority member Erin Fisher also opposed the theme stating:

“I can’t take the joke because of the obscene number of times I’ve been asked to “twerk” and “dance” for these white men, because my Black identity obviously tells them I possess the inherent talent and desire to do so. I can’t take the joke because I don’t have the luxury to remove the labels of “hood,” “ratchet” or “bad bitch” after the party ends. The privileged students on this campus tie those labels to my identity because of my racial minority status. I can’t take the joke because racism and oppression are alive and well on this campus; a campus where I’m often the only person of color in a classroom. And when I speak in that classroom, what I have to say is taken as the narrative of every other Black woman these privileged students come in contact with”

The school has also let out a statement ordering fro the face book invitation to be taken down and for the cancellation of the party scheduled for November 7th, as well, deeming inappropriate and intolerable.

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What do you guys think? Is this racially/culturally offensive? or is this just a product of what hip hop pushes out and another audience absorbs as the invitation poster stated?