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Congratulations to Ryan Riess!  Last night he won $8.4 million in the World Series of Poker main event!!!  Must be nice to win that kind of money at 23!  Damn, I need to step up my poker game asap!!
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A 23-year-old poker pro from Michigan won the World Series of Poker main event late Tuesday, claiming the $8.4 million title after pushing past his last opponent in a brief, dramatic match.

Ryan Riess started out behind Tuesday but used cleverly varied play to seize and maintain a lead amid the unpredictability of no-limit Texas Hold ’em.

On the last hand, 29-year-old Las Vegas club promoter Jay Farber went all-in with a queen-five. Riess, dealt an ace-king, suspected his opponent wasn’t holding much and called instantly.

Riess backed into the stands to watch the cards turn and won the championship with his girlfriend’s arms around his shoulders.

Moments later, he kissed the diamond-encrusted championship bracelet he has been chasing since he was 14 years old. After tearfully thanking his friends and family, he told reporters, “I just think I’m the best player in the world.”

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