Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Lost Millions Of Dollars Playing Poker & Betting On Cockfighting

Manny Pacquiao’s gambling problems from his past are no secret, but I don’t know if anyone realized just how big the problems were. Thankfully the problems seem to be no more ( at least publicly ) but his life could have gone in a different direction, even just a few short years ago.

Jackpot! 23-Year-Old Rocking Lions Jersey Wins Poker World Series — $8.4 Million!

Congratulations to Ryan Riess!  Last night he won $8.4 million in the World Series of Poker main event!!!  Must be nice to win that kind of money at 23!  Damn, I need to step up my poker game asap!! Details after the jump…

(PHOTO) NBA: Kevin Durant Under Fire For Posting This Picture! Durant Responds To Criticism!

Here we go.  Kevin Durant is under fire after he posted a picture on Instagram.  Let’s start with this, Kevin Durant is a grown man and can do whatever he wants – he makes his own decisions.  On the flip though, he is in the NBA and whether he likes it or not – he is held to higher standards. Check out the picture and what Durant had to say about the criticism after the jump & let us know what you think…

(Photos) Olympics: Michael Phelps Wins $100K Playing Poker in Vegas & Blows it Partying

All Michael Phelps knows how to do is WIN — the world’s most medaled man hit Vegas this week … and  walked off with $100,000 from a single poker game.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

World Series Of Poker 2012: Richest Poker Prize Ever?

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl A never-before-seen $1 million buy-in tournament at the World Series of Poker this year will generate the richest top prize in poker history at more than $12 million — and potentially more if additional players get in.

UFC Champ Georges St-Pierre Trying Hand At New Game

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl As Georges St-Pierre continues to rehabilitate his torn ACL, he needs somewhere to put his competitive energy. The man didn’t get to the top of the welterweight division and near the top of the Yahoo! Sports pound-for-pound rankings without a good amount of competitiveness, so now he’ll use it at something else…

T.I. QUINTUPLES His Money Playing Poker For The First Time Ever

And the rich keep getting richer. TMZ reports that after his concert in St. Louis over the weekend, Tip decided to hit the casino for a little fun before his flight. He’d never tried playing poker ever, but gave it a go anyway and after buying in for $500, he left the table with $2,500-$3,000! Niceee! Marisa Mendez

Tobey Maguire Pays $80,000 To Get Out Of Poker Ring Lawsuit

Tobey Maguire has agreed to pay $80,000 to be excluded from an ongoing lawsuit tied to his poker winnings at a high-stakes game organized by convicted Ponzi schemer Brad Ruderman. Pay $80,000 and not have to deal with courts or any legal situation, I will definitely pay it with no problem. Click below to find out more. Marisa Mendez

(Photo) NBA: Michael Jordan Doesn’t Play When It Comes To Poker!

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl My guy Terez Owens sent me a pic of Michael Jordan playing poker with a serious stack of money. How else would MJ do it though? lol Check the pic after the jump…

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