BAHUMBUG! He took the spirit out of a young man – that really grinds my gears!
Christopher Rougier, a freshman at Cleveland High School, in New Mexico went to school for a holiday dress-up day, as Santa Claus when his teacher spit out the most ignorant…you can’t be santa, because you’re black.
The boy’s father, Michael Rougier says that his son no longer wants to celebrate.
The teacher attempted to call Michael and his wife to apologize, but that doesn’t matter. He wants the teacher fired, and so do I. So far, the school’s principal has hung up the phone on the father, but check out what Kim Vesely, the director of Rio Rancho Public Schools had to say about the matter…

JaaiR (JR)

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Kim Vesely’s Statement:
“This situation involves a teacher recently hired by Cleveland High who made — and admits he made — a stupid mistake,” the director said. “The remark was inappropriate and should not have been made. The teacher feels very badly about what occurred. He self-reported the incident to the principal and has apologized to the student and to the student’s parent. Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.”