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These four men picked the wrong guy to mess with.  A trained MMA fighter killed one of four men after they invaded his home where he and his family were.
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Joseph Torrez, 27, repelled a home invasion, killing one man, injuring another so badly he left in an ambulance and persuading two others to run in fear, authorities said.  Torrez and the men clashed on New Year’s Day at his home outside of Las Cruces, reportedly part of an ongoing feud.

One of the attackers, 22-year-old Leonard Calvillo, called ahead to threaten Torrez, the Las Cruces Sun-News reported, citing court documents.  “I’ll kill you and your family … I’ll go to your house,” Calvillo reportedly said.

Calvillo arrived shortly after with 20-year-old Nathan Avalos and brothers Sal and Raymond Garces and pounded on Torrez’s door, authorities said.  Torrez’s fiancee, son and the fiancee’s sister were all home at the time, authorities said.

The fiancee leaned against the door of the mobile home, trying to keep them out, but they busted through, authorities said.  There they met Torrez, a 155-pound lightweight with a record of one win and five losses, according to the fight website SherDog.com.

The four men are all gang members, a Dona Ana County Sheriff’s spokeswoman said.  C.J. McElhinney, an attorney for Torrez, told the Sun-News witness said the attackers brought a crude shank and one picked up a knife once they forced their way inside.

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-Lead Photo via NYDN