Stop! In The Name Of Love (Did you sing it too?), a 10-part musical television drama is in the works. The show will be focused on a group of “smart thirty-somethings and their search for love and friendship,” while singing some of Motown’s hottest hits. The production team backing the project, Red Planet Pictures has taken on a deal with EMI Music Publishing, and all seems to be in order.
I’m already dancing and singing to the beat! Find out more, down bottom.

JaaiR (JR)

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The Team:
Tony Jordan, writer
Duncan Kenworthy, film producer
Peter Smith, independent music consultant
John Kennedy, former chairman of Universal Music

“Motown came from Detroit but captured the world. Stop! In The Name Of Love will use Motown’s unforgettable tunes and powerful lyrics to help express the complicated love lives — the heart and the heartbreak — of the new world we’re living in,” says Kenworthy. EXCITING!