The ladies undeniably love Leo but now it has been confirmed that men do as well! A Ukranian prankster caught a feel on Leonardo Dicaprio, as he ran up to him and headed straight for the crotch; hit the jump for more.

Adriela Batista

Leo is known for his laid back character and has now proven that he could take a good joke! Dicaprio was unexpectectedy molested during his latest film event:

“DiCaprio was arriving at the Santa Barbara Int’l. Film Festival when Ukrainian jokester Vitalii Sediuk ran up, dropped to his knees … and nuzzled his face against DiCaprio’s dong for several seconds,” reports TMZ.

Luckily for the jokester, who has also played pranks on Bradley Cooper and Will Smith, Dicaprio smiled the awkwardness away. He also allowed for the prankster to walk away, arrest free; sounds like an accomplished night!

**check out the photo in the gallery above**