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In case you didn’t hear, the fight is allegedly back on. I know there are some people that feel the same way as Sticky Fingaz, but this probably isn’t the best way to handle things.  More violence won’t help what happened.  Either Zimmerman will fuck up again and land himself in jail OR karma will get him.  It may not happen right away, but karma always does it’s job.  
Check out how Sticky Fingaz would like Zimmerman handled…



Via TMZ:

Sticky Fingaz won’t be satisfied seeing George Zimmerman knocked out in a boxing ring — instead the Onyx rapper wants to see him SHOT … and wasn’t afraid to say it on camera.

Sticky laid down a major rant this weekend when we asked about the Zimmerman boxing match being canceled, telling us … “Everybody gonna be mad at me for saying this, but I don’t give two s**ts. Somebody should f**king clap that ni**a!”

Sticky is not in a forgiving place, adding … “Zimmerman is not a f**king celebrity. He’s a f**king savage animal that killed a young black teen.”

He had a lot more to say about Zimmerman boxing, and who he’d like to see in the ring with him: