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I know some will call this karma, but I don’t care how you feel about someone, you should NEVER mess with their car. A Ferrari too?!  Damn, that’s gotta hurt.  Someone smashed up Richie Incognito’s black Ferrari with a baseball bat in front of his Arizona home.  That’s f*ucked up.  Hit the jump for details/pics…(AND AN UPDATE!!)





Via TMZ:

Richie’s neighbors first noticed the car had been attacked on Wednesday afternoon.

You can see a baseball bat lying in front of the car … with a piece of the bat stuck in the grill. There are also red shirts hanging from the car — we’re told they have Incognito’s name written on them.

So far it’s unclear who smashed the car … or why. Also, unclear if Richie was home at the time of the attack.



Richie Incognito SMASHED HIS OWN FERRARI with a baseball bat … at least, that’s what he told police this morning

Now, the Scottsdale Police Department tells us … they spoke with Richie early this morning and he admitted he took the bat to his own car.

Clearly, Incognito was pissed about something … but we don’t know what set him off.