What some people will do for attention! Shame SHAME on Alki David and Brandon Howard, the 31-year-old who claimed to be the forgotten child of Michael Jackson. Well, the digging has been done, and the DNA test results were found to be fraud. Check out the bottom for details.

JaaiR (JR)

If you haven’t heard the news, here goes…Alki David, in charge of FilmOn.com was the mastermind of this stunt. He sat down will a panel of folk who were witnesses to a doctor reading the DNA results between our beloved MJ fathering Brandon Howard (Watch Below).
Well, our good ol’ pals at TMZ did some digging only to find out that not only was the lab where the test was taken a fake, but the results were a false template and the logo used was a promotional visual for, Terminator Salvation.
Let’s stop this type of stuff PEOPLE. Hit up the gallery for a look at the foolery!