Yesterday news broke that the Philadelphia Eagles released wide receiver DeSean Jackson.  The news wasn’t much of a surprise after there were numerous reports that the team was trying to trade him and would release him if they couldn’t. What was surprising however was the Eagles reasoning.  Many people speculated what would cause them to release Jackson after having such a successful season.  Well it turns out to be his suspected gang affiliation.  SportsCenter covered the story and erroneously posted a photo of Jackson with rappers Freeway and Neef to prove Jackson’s gang affiliation.

Shay Marie

The picture sent Twitter into an uproar after ESPN posted the photo without doing any research at all.  ESPN went through Jackson’s Instagram photos and like other outlets just used whichever photos appeared to show gang signs using their hands.

Freeway was appalled that his photo was used in conjunction with the speculation and took to his Instagram account to set the record straight.


TMZ also posted a photo of Jackson with Freeway but that photo also included rapper Nipsey Hussle who reportedly is an LA crip.

Jackson maintains his innocence that he is not in anyway apart of or affiliated with any gangs.  There are reportedly five different teams interested in the wide receiver.  I hope he’s able to move on from this situation and continue a successful career.