I’d be the first to admit that some of these star need a little tough love AKA reality check. For the past 6 weeks, Chris Brown has definitely been undergoing a traumatic experience being behind bars, having a taste of what’s to come if the assault charge is not settled. In truth, it may have been the wake up call the spiraling young star needed to set him back on the proper course. While the scared straight tactics may prevent him from having another publicly violent episode in the future, you definitely can’t help but feel for Breezy spending his 25th Birthday behind bars. Find out what medical condition is adding to CB’s jail distress inside.

According to Hollywood Life, jail and poor nutrition are the culprits for CB suffering from panic attacks while on the inside! Breezy came forth earlier in the year admitting to suffering from Bipolar II after a rehab stint, helped reveal where some of CB’s anger issues were coming from. Now being on lock down, and fearing the unknown, his mood swings are at an all time high, and mental/physical state are deteriorating due to a poor diet compounding some of the issues. Supposedly Chris has packed on some pounds, and the only thing bringing him some comfort is junk food?? Sources say his mom is buying jail commissary online like “ramen noodles, donuts, Oreo cookies, sliced pepperoni, sardines, pork cracklings, Root Beer Barrels. His diet basically consists of sugar and salt and processed food, and none of this is of any help to his physical and mental health. It’s been a struggle minute by minute,” the source adds.

It ain’t easy being Breezy. Do you think CB has learned his lesson, and is being unfairly treated? His hearing is scheduled May 9th, keep your finger crossed team Breezy!

Andrea G