(Photo) Chris Browns Stolen ID Being Sold Online For $10,000


Chris Browns Stolen ID Being Sold Online For $10,000
For once , Chris Brown is in the center of a crime investigation and actually is the victim . Stange…. Chris Brown is a Victim of Identity theft and his ID is being Sold online $10,000 . Its getting very real , very quick . CLICK READ MORE FOR THE DETAILS and PHOTO of Chris Browns ID !!!

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(Video) Chris Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar – Autumn Leaves


Check out Chris Brown’s “Autumn Leaves” featuring Kendrick Lamar off his “X” album. Watch below.

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(Photo) Chris Brown Shows Up To Court Wearing Rick Owens


Chris Brown Shows Up To Court Wearing Rick Owens
Chris Brown appeared in a Los Angeles court this past Thursday to check in on his probation, an on going consequence of the case where he Hit Rihanna back years ago. Apparently, The R&B star showed up ready to sway the judge with the most powerful tool at his disposal, his swag and wore a $425 Rick Owens shirt.

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(Photos) Check Out Some BTS Footage From Chris Brown x Tyga’s ‘Ayo’ Video!


R&B crooner Chris Brown and rapper Tyga joined forces together for their new collab track entitled “Ayo” which is the first single off of their joint album Fan of A Fan: The Album. They recently shot the visuals for the song in California with a LOT of special celeb cameos including comedian Mike Epps and Tyga’s 17-year-old reality TV star boo, Kylie Kardashian. Breezy’s on-again, off-again Blasian boo Karrueche was also spotted on set.

Head over to the gallery and click below to check out some flicks and videos from the video shoot. I’m just excited to see Kylie’s role in the vid. Can she turn 18 already?!

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(Video) Chris Brown and Mike Epps Have a Crip Walk Battle

Chris Brown and Mike Epps Have a Crip Walk Battle

New school meets old school, East-side meets Midwest as Chris Brown and Mike Epps Have a Crip Walk Battle to see, “who really got that walk?!” You be the judge, but Mike Epps is definitely holding his own!

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Breaking: Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked Over Club Shootings

Chris Brown in court today

Chris Brown was supposed to be let off of probation today, but instead, it looks like there could possibly be jail time in his future! Since November, Breezy has been treating his court-mandated community service “like a full-time” job, doing physical labor 6 hours a day, 5 days a week to complete his 1,000 hours by today’s court hearing. Though he was on track to finish (no word whether he did,) it’s other issues that have the judge and his probation officer ready to throw the book at him.

First is the fact that Chris has been present for TWO club shootings, one over the summer at a pre-VMA party, the other just this past weekend a club in San Jose (which he didn’t get permission from the judge to go – another strike.) The judge notes that there’s no evidence that Chris was criminally involved in any of the shootings, but the probation officer has it out for him.

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Chris Brown Claps Back At Porn Star & Has Her Twitter Account Deactivated!


Oh my, this is getting more messy by the second. Porn star Kagney Linn Karter is accusing R&B crooner Chris Brown of offering her $2,500 to be his private escort, although she is saying she refused to have sex with him (riiiiiighhhhhhhhttttt.) However, it did not stop her from tweeting out alleged umm, we’ll say “eggplant pics” of Breezy’s private parts (or so she claims.) She went on a crazy Twitter rant and tried to blast CB by saying things like, “I WILL NEVER F*** A WOMAN BEATER EW DISGUSTING” and “HE IS PURE EVIL :(.” Oh and let’s not forget, “i can slap b*tches now with chris browns d*** on my timeline all day say some SLICK S*** **pulls out CBs d*** WHAP.” This chick MUST have majored in English, absolutely.

Magically, all of the d*ck pics and bashing tweets happened to go away and we figured out how! Chris Brown’s legal team apparently had Kagney Linn Karter’s Twitter account SUSPENDED due to the foul content she was posting up. As we know (if you’re an active Twitter user), they are not too strict with the nudity policy like Instagram is, but once someone’s privacy is violated, that is when they take action (not to mention it’s CHRIS BROWN– not some regular Joe Shmoe off the street.) Talk about clapping back in silence. We’re proud of Breezy for controlling his temper and not trying to beat the brakes off ol’ girl because SHE TRIED IT!

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(Photos) Chris Brown’s Private Part (Insert Eggplant) Exposed By A Ranting Porn Star


Holy vienna sausages Batman … Before the shooting, after the shooting; who knows? What we do know is that porn star Kagney Linn Karter took to her Twitter account to not only let out a lengthy venting session about Chris Brown, but she also put the “Hotel” assisting crooner’s ding dong in the mix.

According to KK (we’ll call the porn star KK), Chris payed her $2,500 to be an escort for an evening, an evening she calls the, “worse decision she ever made”. While she just wanted to show the singer a good wholesome (sure) time, Chris had a more sexual encounter in mind. He pushed up on KK and tried to give her the D, but she declined. Every since then, CB has been harassing the poor girl, according to KK, sending her pictures that should be reserved for Karrueche Tran’s eyes only.

18+ Only; You’ve been warned.

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(Video) The AFTERMATH ! : See What Happend After The Shooting At The Chris Brown Performance


See What Happened After The Shooting At The Chris Brown Performance !
The Conversation on The Shooting At the Chris Brown Performance has Been HECTIC !! Take A look at a Video Caught by a Fan , Of the Aftermath of the shooting at the Chris Brown Performance CLICK READ MORE TO WATCH !!

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(Video) Update: Closer Look On The Shooting At the Chris Brown Performance


Shooting At the Chris Brown Performance
If You Thought the Shooting At the Chris Brown Performance was bad , you need to see this new video released by a Fan during the performance of Shooting At the Chris Brown Performance ! Super Detailed !
Take a Closer Look At the Shooting At the Chris Brown Performance CLICK READ MORE TO WATCH !

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