Why would anyone want to hurt Michael Strahan?!?!  Yesterday, a homeless man went to the studios where ‘Good Morning America’ is filmed with a knife and threatened to kill Michael Strahan.  
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Via FoxNews:

A 25-year-old man was arrested yesterday in front of ABC’s “Good Morning America” studios after he allegedly pulled out a knife. He later told police he went there to “kill Michael Strahan,” the former football great and TV personality, police sources told FOX411.

“The suspect went to the entrance of ABC studios and demanded that security let him into the studio. He was denied entrance, at which time he showed a knife. He [then] attempted to stab a security guard,” a police source said.

The suspect, Andre Johnson, later told police during a debriefing that “he was there to kill Michael Strahan,” a source said, clarifying, “when he displayed the knife he did not say that.”

Johnson is homeless and was still in jail as of Wednesday morning.

He was charged with assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, a police source told us.

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