Jon Koppenhaver, aka War Machine has been captured by federal marshals after being on the run for over a week. U.S. marshals announced Friday that they’ve captured the 32-year-old named War Machine in Simi Valley. He was booked into jail while he awaits extradition to Nevada. Officers say the fighter, whose birth name is Jon Koppenhaver, is the primary suspect in a dispute that left his ex-girlfriend and her friend with serious injuries. Hit the jump!


War Machine brutally assaulted his porn star girlfriend Christy Mack after allegedly catching her in bed with another man. He immediately went on the run and police had no clue where he was, despite him randomly going on twitter to try and explain himself.

He claims he went to the house to propose to Mack and was devastated to find her in bed with another man. He beat her so bad it left her with 18 fractures in her face as well as liver damage and internal bleeding. Mack also claimed he tried to rape her at the same time but could not get an erection, which led to him hitting her even more.

Thankfully he has been arrested and is facing numerous charges which could land him in prison for over 20 years! This is not the first time for Koppenhaver as he already spent a year in prison for a domestic issue a few years ago.