With upcoming biopic film Straight Out Of Compton, on Compton’s most infamous rap collective N.W.A., more light will be shed on the life of late rapper Eazy E, who was a pioneering artist of the Gangsta rap sound, and is affectionately called the “Godfather of Gangsta Rap” by many. As we embark on September 7th and would have been the rap legend’s 50th Birthday, after dying from AIDS complications in 1992. Eazy’s children reflect on the life and legacy of late father, what they really think of the N.W.A. biopic. As well as the topic of new rappers not properly paying homage to the late rap heavyweight. Watch inside!

As rapper Eazy E’s would be born day approaches, two out of the rapper’s seven children, eldest son Lil Eazy-E and daughter Erica Wright share and give insight into the man, father, and artist their dad was. In recent interview with son Lil Eazy E its evident he feels some type of way about rappers referring to his father’s works in the own music. Lil Eazy shares:

“You just think of the words of homage and it’s like what it really is,” Lil Eazy-E said. “You see what I’m saying? It’s—Cause a rapper took his verse and threw it in a song and feel like you done paid your respect. Nah, you did what you did to make yourself relevant. Homage is reaching out to the ones that’s here. That’s still supporting him. And giving proper due respect. When people take songs of pops and do all that. Nah, I don’t feel like that’s paying homage. You doing what’s right for you to make it. Why? Because look at who he is.”

Andrea G

Watch daughter Erica Wright talk about her father’s legacy, what she feels about the Straight Out Of Compton biopic, and what SHE thinks about rappers paying homage to her father, “The God of Rap” below.

Do his children make valid points? Happy Birthday to the late Eazy E!


Andrea G