It looks like Aaron Hernandez hasn’t learned his lesson about sending letters from jail.  Another one has leaked & not only did it include more of his naked women artwork, but he brags about how happy he is.  Realllllly???  This guy.  Check it out….







Via TMZ:

…the former New England Patriots tight end has fired off another hand-written letter to a jail pen pal featuring a full frontal sketch of a nude woman.

In the letter, sent from his new home in Suffolk County Jail, the murder suspect also brags about his new digs:

I’m on the block here lovin’ it.  I got my own cell too and n**ga. I’m out all day only lock in 4 [hours] a day … So we be ballin’.

Aaron says he’s also reading behind bars — keeping himself busy with stories about a real gangster … Harry Potter.

You know, my realest n*gga I ever fucked with, I’m still fuckin’ with — Harry motha fuckin’ Potter.