Okay, so The Game has himself a baddie – the baddie, however is 18-years-old and has onlookers speaking their minds.

Speculations of Game’s new girlfriend, India Love was Internet news over the past week, but after being his #WCW and his reaction to a fan’s “molestation” allegations, the LA rapper confirms his connection with the Instagram sensation.

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JaaiR (JR)
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“Here [The Game] is a grown man, will in his 30s molesting a teenager 18 years old,” is what @helloiamjen commented under a picture Game had posted to his Instagram – social site for thugs.

The m-word sent him into a frenzy. Unlike Tyga (Kylie’s boo), Game claims that his new bae maybe 18, but she’s mature and of age to make her own decisions.

“Myself and India have never had sex & even if we did….She’s grown, legal & more mature than 1/2 you idiots on here criticizing strangers whom they follow but have never met a day in their life,” The Game types. “People like you are plain ignorant & all I can do is shake my f**kin head.”

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