How dumb can one get?! All of the ‘behind-closed-doors’ action that Suge Knight has taken a role in, it’s only bound to be something as trivial as sicking a female on another to steal a camera that will get you in hot water.

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We reported that Suge and funny-man Katt Williams were arrested for allegedly attacking a photographer for her camera. Suge is facing major time behind bars due to his past record(s). TMZ had caught up with Katt, and he explained – very hilariously – that the photographer was acting funny and trying to record a young child, which is why someone else got on her.

Things become more clear with the release of footage from the scene on that faithful day. Turns out, Suge was attacking another photog for recording him and his son – the 5-year-old in question – when he turned to the female photog, called her a “bitch” and threatened to get another female to beat her ass.

All of this happening in front of the child. Tsk Tsk.

Check out Suge Knights son in the gallery above.