IFWT_Bills Jets tickets

This is America people, the land of capitalism.  A blizzard hit Buffalo dropping 70 inches of snow in some areas.  That included Ralph Wilson stadium where the Bills were supposed to host the New York Jets today.  The NFL decided to move the game to Detroit and hold it Monday night.  Also as a good gesture, the league gave away free tickets to the game. They began distributing tickets at 10 a.m this morning but fans scooped up all 500 tickets — with a two-ticket limit per person — within 10 minutes.  Of course some scalpers were there bright and early and scooped up a few and decided to sell the tickets they were given for free; ALL profit man

Shay Marie

According to Mike Rodak of ESPN.com, the tickets are gone — and at least one scalper was looking for $125 for a ticket to the game.

“This ain’t a free game, man,” one scalper said.

It’s a great gesture by the NFL to give the tickets away, something the league has done in past cases when circumstances forced a game to move.  But of course you had to know that scalpers would find a way to come up.

Meanwhile in Buffalo, the cleanup continues.

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