There’s been several denials about Jim Harbaugh leaving the San Francisco 49ers but where’s there’s smoke there’s usually fire and the rumors are continuing to pick up steam.  Even if the 49ers make it to the playoffs and make a run from there, Harbaugh could still be on his way out the door and there’s two teams that are reportedly interested in him.

Shay Marie 

via ESPN:

No matter how tenuous the San Francisco 49ers’ situation currently is, the fate of coach Jim Harbaugh won’t be resolved until after this season, according to sources.

If the 49ers can pull off a 4-0 finish to the regular season and make a run in the postseason that some in the organization are still convinced is possible, Harbaugh could land a contract extension, sources said.

He will have one year remaining on his existing deal but has already rebuffed extension offers.

It is no secret that Harbaugh will be a commodity that interests other teams at season’s end, like he did last season with the Cleveland Browns — the 49ers even considered trading Harbaugh to Cleveland.

The Oakland Raiders and New York Jets both are expected to, at the very least, inquire about Harbaugh’s availability in a trade, a source said.

One NFL source is convinced the Raiders are the favorite to land Harbaugh, but the Jets also are known to be keeping a close eye on Harbaugh’s situation.