IFWT_Beanie Sigel

There’s a man now being questioned in connection to the Beanie Sigel shooting.
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Authorities found out that there were two cars in connection to the shooting. One of the cars was gray and filled with bullet holes. When police arrived to the scene, two men fled from the vehicle and tried to get out of dodge. Although the driver did successfully get away, the man in the passenger seat wasn’t and is now being questioned.

The second car was a Honda minivan and was found on Friday but nothing was in it. Umar Salahuddin, Beanie’s brother in law, wasn’t shot but he did get injured. They took him into questioning but he refuses to cooperate. Sigel’s lawyer, Fortunato Perri, Jr., did confirm that even with the surgery, he is in serious condition.

His family is hoping for a speedy recovery!