IFWT_Meek Mill on Bobby Shmurda 10

Fresh off the heels of his own legal predicament, Meek Mill weighs in on Bobby Shmurda’s recent arrest; calls him a “misguided kid”. Knowing a thing or two about making a few missteps, Meek talks about sharing some wisdom with Bobby just 24 hours prior to him getting locked up, discussing with him the importance of making good decisions for your future, and being mindful of his surroundings. Meek also condemns people for laughing and making jest of a 20 year old Bobby Shmurda who’s youthful transgressions may have life long implications for the up and coming star. Meek asks, “when did this become cool for our people”?? See Meek dropping knowledge inside.

You can really tell that Meek’s three month stint in jail, definitely gave the rapper a fresher perspective and keener insight when it comes to making the right choices for his future moving forward. Meek took to Twitter to use his voice for good, speaking on why we shouldn’t judge or be laughing at a young man for making youthful transgressions that could impact him for a lifetime. Meek also weighs in on the state of the nation, and his opinions on the Eric Garner case, and much more. See the gallery above to Meek’s stream of thoughts on the following topics.

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