If you’ve been paying attention to Amanda Bynes and her absolute nuttiness throughout the past year and some change, you know she is completely out of her mind. WELP, according to sources including her parents, Amanda woke up one day and is completely “normal” again, dubbing it as “mind blowing.” Yep, just like that. Ever since she decided to enroll herself into USC to major in Psychology, she just randomly snapped and is back to the sweet little girl we used to watch on Nickelodeon.

Bynes is apparently off all medication, including Adderall, which is known for giving people nutty-like side affects. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolarity, but according to those close to her, you would have NO idea. Her parents gave her limited access to her bank accounts again which probably is helping. Bynes is also apparently spending a lot of time doing yoga, reading, meditating, which the doctors said is extremely important for people who suffer from those specific mental disorders. However, the doctors warned Amanda’s family that people like that can go through periods of normality and then just randomly switch it up and go back into their crazed state. We shall see!

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Source: TMZ